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“Thank you so much – I received my halloween lanterns today.” Harriet 28th October

“Very pleased with item & speed of delivery.” Mrs Donnelly 7th October

“Delighted with service, bought as a birthday present and delighted with quick delivery time.
Heard of product from daughter who was recommending as gift for her boyfriend.I believe he had mentioned the product.” Shelia 5th October

“Thank you very much for sorting those out!” Rhonda 24th September

“Yes everything went fine and the lanterns were great.” Manu 4th September

“Thank you for your efficient service, we can’t wait to use the lanterns at our wedding on 11 Sep on the Northumberland coast. We’ve already informed the coastguard so fingers crossed for a gentle offshore breeze!” Marie, 25th August 2010

“Unfortunately i was unable to use the wish lanterns that i purchased as this british weather was dissappointingly wet! luckily i got married abroad and they were for the after party. Despite the weather we are keeping the lanterns to set off on occassions throughout the year. I have to say that they are amazing and much better than i expected,they are huge! We set one off during in small break in the rain and it was beautiful, we watched it drift off for miles. It was easy to light and it lifted by itself. I can only imagine how amazing they would have looked had we managed to set off all 50. Would recommend your site to all my friends,delivery and service were excellent. Thanks so much,” Mrs J Whitcombe, 24th August 2010

“Good morning – Thanks for the follow up; yes, they arrived safe and sound and the included lovehearts were a pleasant surprise! They went down (so to speak) a storm; used as a surprise for my parents ruby wedding anniversary they actually managed to make Mum speechless and Dad agog – no mean feat given it usually takes one to do that to the other, normally! Thank you very much” Victoria, 23rd August 2010

“Yes all went all thank you. I heard of the aerator by word of mouth. Delighted to leave feedback. Thanks” Mike, 7th August 2010

“Hi there, Your product is magical and your service is impeccable. Well done! It’s refreshing to see… Have a great summer” Linda, 30th July 2010

“Sirs, Goods rec’d today in excellent order and on time. Excellent service without any hiccups. Many thanks and obliged” Katie, 28th July 2010

“That’s great thank you, Kind Regards” Katie, 19th July 2010

“As before – straight on time! Great for a joint wedding/90th birthday do! Thanks again ” K K, 16th July 2010

“Brilliant thank you, I may be placing another order very soon!!! Thank you” Sarah Kerrigan, 15th July 2010

“Yes, thank you very pleased with your service – parcel arrived on Monday and I can’t wait to use the lanterns in August for a birthday party. I hope to get a photograph for you! A friend had recommended your service to me.” B Wright, 7th July 2010

“Thank you for your kind enquiry as to the delivery of the wish lanterns.
I am happy to tell you that yes, we have received delivery and we are looking forward to releasing them at my son’s wedding this Saturday. If we manage to take some good photos I will happily forward them on to you via email. Please keep your fingers crossed for nice weather on Saturday for us all. Thank you.
sincerely” Joan Hunt, 7th July 2010

“Thank you so much for your very prompt service!! all seems to be ok, our wedding isn’t for another two weeks yet, so we’l let you know how they all went….hopefuly up!!!!” Linda Munnery, 1st July 2010

“Hi, I was extremely happy with your service, of ringing you after 5.30pm in the evening and receiving my wish lanterns two days later at my work address. They are going on a road trip to France next week as a birthday present. Photos will follow!” Karen Lea, 25th June 2010

“I was expecting to wait a few days for my delivery, but my lanterns arrived in record time – thank you.” Kay Denton, 24th June 2010

“Hi Palo, thank you yes they have arrived safe and sound and look forward to them on the evening of the 5th july…best wishes” Loukas 17th June 2010

“A friend of mine ordered some Wish Lanterns a few weeks ago and we let them go at a bon-fire and i was so amazed by them. I knew it would be the perfect ending of the night for me and my boyfriends one year anniversary. We plan to each write a wish on them and let them go. I just finished ordering the wish lanterns and I am so excited to recieve them. :) Thank you so much!” Iris 15th June 2010

“Everything worked out great. Got here in time. They all lit up well and sailed up over Brighton beach with applause. Cheers.” Jim R Morrison 8th June 2010

“Thanks so much for sending that on, you’re a diamond! Thanku” Beth 8th June 2010

“Thank you I did receive my recent order. The lanterns added a special touch to my house leaving party. I will definitely purchase more lanterns in the future as they can be used for a number of occasions.” Mrs K J G Porter 31st May 2010

“Many thanks for superb service and efficient delivery. Just looking forward now to using them at our daughter’s wedding!” L. Phillips 25th May 2010

“Yes thanks, the lanterns have arrived safely.” Gail Augarde 13th May 2010

“Everything is great, many thanks x” Miss F Leyland 13th May 2010

“Yes I did receive the laterns. Thank you for your email.” Regina 12th May 2010

“Thanks for your email……..we have received the Lanterns and will let you know how they go!! As we are Professional Photographers we will certainly be taking photos, so will forward some on to you, as and when!!!” Nikole 2nd May 2010

“Last year we attended a wedding and had the delightful experience of being able to light a wish lantern and watch it ascend up into the night sky along with all the other guests. I had never heard of these before and was entranced with the whole atmosphere. I managed to collect the wrapper from a lantern with all your details on it. My son and his fiancee are getting married this coming August and I felt I had to offer them the same wonderful experience. I found your website and thought I ought to order the lanterns now as I had no idea how long they would take to arrive. I was absolutely delighted when the doorbell rang the next morning and my delivery of 50 wish lanterns had arrived! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when each couple are presented with a wish lantern to light up the sky in August.” Jan 30th April 2010

“Very impressed thanks – delivery was very quick and we set one off the other night – it almost hit the house next door but then flew off for miles and was excellent” Simon Price 30th April 2010

“Thanks for your email. Yes , I have received the lanterns but y event is tomorrow so still didnt try them yet. One I have try them then I will let you know.” P. Sullivan 23rd Aprl 2010

“Thank you for your reply. In fact they receive it yesterday, its ok it’s not a problem. Thank you for your help.” Roula 23rd April 2010

“Thank you. My lanterns arrived safely.” Lesley Scoular 22nd April 2010

“We’re taking them to our wedding In August.” Christian 15th April 2010

“Thank you for your email – the lanterns arrived incredibly promptly, the very next day after ordering. Thank you very much!” Caroline 15th April 2010

“They were lovely we all loved them brought a tear to the eye. The only problem I have is that I can’t order them for my wedding, the grounds won’t allow them! I’m totally gutted as they would of been perfect! Nevermind, if I ever need to order again then I know where to come …..” Sarah 10th April 2010

“Many thanks they will be off to Mexico with us next week.” Mrs M E Hunt 7th April 2010

“They were fab, I still have one left.” Sarah Williams 7th April 2010

“They arrived on time and in good condition. Good value and will be using them on holiday this year.” Simon Knight 7th April 2010

“FANTASTIC service. Lanterns arrived yesterday….Many thanks.” Dave Power, 25th March 2010

“I received my wish lanterns many thanks for a great and speedy service I will recommend your site to many others” Klaus Galeitzke, 20th March 2010

“I had one as a gift and liked it so I bought one as a gift for someone else and they are pleased too!!!” Chuck Taylor, 19th march 2010

“Thank you for such prompt delivery! They arrived this morning.” Kaja Glinski, 19th March 2010

“We received these products in good time and they went down a storm for my mum’s b/day.” Paul Rowe, 16th March 2010

“Sorry, must have missed this e-mail. No problem with the wish lanterns, just the weather! We were supposed to have used them at a Christmas Party but the snow meant that I had to reschedule for the end of February. Then it was so windy that it became unsafe to use them after nearly setting light to someone’s trousers and a tree! However it was great fun trying and still have loads left for another occasion. I found wish lantern via a search engine.” Joy Larkin, 14th March 2010

“Your wish lanterns were wonderful, and I think I aready complimented your extremely speedy delivery and processing. Very impressive. Don’t need any more yet though!” Sally, 11th March 2010

“Sorry it has taken so long, if I don’t do it straight away it never gets done!! lovingly packed wish lanterns at competitive price were what won our christmas presents for 2009. We will order again!!” Teresa, 7th March 2010

“We haven’t used the wish lanterns yet as our wedding isn’t until 29th May 2010. I am sure they will be great and will let you know what we think after the event. Many thanks for following things up.” Belinda Williams, 7th March 2010

“Just as well you sent this note Jonny as I had intended to leave feedback as your service was so good but got sidetracked.” Annie Stevens, 5th March 2010

“Thank you. Yes, we received them VERY promptly and they are perfect. We will not be using them until August although we couldn’t resist one “practice”!!!! They are captivating aren’t they? Our 4yr old daughter loved it. If we get some good shots on the night I will email them to you. Thank you for the great service.” Rachel Baxter, 5th March 2010

“I am pleased to confirm the arrival of the Chinese Lanterns , apparently in good order. They will be enjoyed this w/e.” Colin Rees, 5th March 2010

“Will do,del was great sat, morning using them tom night, so will wright revue if all goes well.” Ben Gallagher, 4th March 2010

“Excellent service! I ordered it one afternoon and received it the next morning.” Andrew Howell, 4th March 2010

“I bought the lanterns as Christmas presents for friends and relatives. They loved them and I was very pleased with them. At the moment I am not interested in buying any more of them, but if I will in the future I will certainly contact you immediately!” Elisa Cappuzzo, 3rd March 2010

“Thank you very much for the lanterns. You kept me informed as regards to the problems getting the colours etc and was very pleased with the customer service. We tested one the first dry night we had and were mesmerized. I have bought them for my mother’s birthday in March.” Chris Collen, 2nd March 2010

“Your wish lanterns were the most fantastic central part to my daughter’s naming ceremony, each mentor lit a lantern after reading a short poem – it was truly magical.” Jessica Taplin, 1st March 2010

“They were fine but would be an occasional not a regular purchase.” Susan Prowse, 1st March 2010

“Thank you so much for our wishlanterns – we LOVED them and they really made our New year magical with every couple making a New Year wish. Everyone was so impressed, even some worried skeptics, and I’m so glad I went with your company as I really felt I was in ‘safe hands’ and being sold something reliable and safe. Thank you! We will definitely be ordering more for another special occasion!” Mar Kerr, 1st March 2010

“The lanterns were great and I will definitely order more sometime soon.” Ann Milne, 1st March 2010

“Bonjour! We received this thursday morning the package! Thank you! Best regards from Paris” Jean Marie Leriche, 25th February 2010

“Thank you very much indeed for your rapid delivery of the Wish Lanterns, beautifully packaged too :) First time I saw one was about 6 months ago & I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was such a magical sight & I hadn’t the faintest idea what it was I’d seen until recently.” Susan Hamilton, 24th February 2010

“Many thanks for the wish lanterns that arrived safely. I got them to keep as presents for friends during the year as the ones my brother brought for Christmas were so wonderful!” Catherine Henderson, 23rd February 2010

“Hi thank you for your e mail, I was delighted with the speed of delivery and the lanterns. Thank you.” Jane Chaney, 18th February 2010

“Excellent service – as ever!” Rowena Rowlands, 18th February 2010

“We thought they were brilliant thanks – used them as part of my sons 18th birthday celebrations. I am sure we will order from you again.” strong>Julie Bodimeade, 18th February 2010

“Hello. Was happy with order of Wish Lanterns. They were ordered for a special occasion, and provided an unusual entertainment while the celebrations commenced. They were delivered quickly, and arrived in good condition.” Mrs Janis Silver, 8th February 2010

“HI, all great with the order ,including the 2 refresher sweeties some one kindly included , my son loves them lol. found out about them from a friend in cornwall who sends one up every new year. So we are going to do the same ,but for each family birthday this year and write our wishes on it.”Mrs Godwin 2nd February

“delivery was great,lanterns arrived within 3 days of being ordered.”Monica 1st February

“Thanks so much! I can’t wait to put your lanterns to use at my wedding on a Greek island in Sept! :)
You’ve been such a help. Forward this email to your boss and tell him/her to give you a big fat raise bc you are a star!”Andrea 1st February

“sorry yes received them magic! couldnt use them at hogmany though too windy but they will keep thanks again.”Arlene 1st February

“We bought the lanterns for a wedding in June so can’t yet vouch for the quality. However we were pleased to receive them so promptly. Many thanks.”Angela 28th January

“Just want to say that the lanterns arrived the very next day – fantastic service! Thanks. Haven’t let off any lanterns yet because of snow and living too close to the airport! Waiting for a special day on our hols.”Alison 28th January

“Hi – they arrived ok – I am saving they for a relevant occasion and so have not opened the box – thanks for the speedy service”Marc 28th January

“They were a real success, perfect for the sad reason we used them for.”Aine 28th January

“Everything was fine with the order it came in plenty of time. Infact i will propably be ordering some more for the chinese new year, i found out about sky lanterns via a google search. thankyou.”Dorinda 27th January

“Thanks so much for sending the lanterns with DHL, they arrived in time and my Gran thought they were a fantastic surprise as part of her 90th birthday. They were a great hit and I have recommended to friends and family! Ironically the original Royal Mail ones arrived whilst I was away and were left with a neighbour, they must have been on a countrywide detour I think! I am happy to send them back. I think if I take them to the post-office and ask them to return to sender as not known at this address, they shouldn’t charge either of us?! I’ll send them Wednesday, thanks again for your efficiency.”Jenny 24th January

“very good. May order more in future”Rob 20th January

“What a speedy service. Delighted and products all in tact and successful for a bit of glamour on our special family day.”Nikki 20th January

“Brilliant service and products thankkkksss!!!!!!!!!!”Olly 20th January

“Yes the wish lanterns are fantastic! Used some on my son’s birthday night as it was a great way to celebrate and he could “make a wish” – he felt he was too old for candles and cake this year!! They worked a treat and I have already recommended them to friends. The promptness of delivery and careful packaging would also lead me to recommend you to others. I first saw wish lanterns advertised in a Christmas brochure that was sent to me, however they were more expensive and only available in one colour!”Sue 19th January

“Thanks for the contact – no plans at the mo. for more wish lanterns – not because they weren’t good – they were fab. – just not any celebrations that deserve them at present! We had a lovely time with them and all the guests thought it made the party extra special. Many thanks for your prompt delivery Will be in touch if need any more, meanwhile hopefully some of my guests have ordered for themselves!”Viv 19th January

“Yes I recieved the lanterns last week and tested one out at the weekend and was very pleased with the result. They are for my wedding in May so will be saving the other 99 for then. Currently don’t require anymore but would consider in the future and also recommend your site to others.”Emily 18th January

“lanterns really great, will be ordering more soon,thanks.”Sep 18th January

“The lanterns were wonderful and my colleague will be ordering some shortly.”Sue 18th January

“I received my Wish Lanterns within just a few days of ordering them from your website. I found your website extremely easy to use, the prices very reasonable and your customer service excellent. I purchased the lanterns for our wedding which is New Years Eve 2010. I am sure the wish lanterns will add something very special to the event and we look forward to seeing them light up the night sky at Gretna Green! I am so pleased with www.wishlantern.co.uk that I would definitely use your company again. In fact expect my order very soon as I have recently invited more guests and won’t have enough lanterns to go around!”Rebecca 16th January

“Yes, they were safely received thank you and I am extremely impressed with your service from order through to delivery. We will be using them at our wedding in May at a Chateau in France and we will try and get some photos for your gallery. Once we have used them, I will be happy to comment on the testimonials page.”Shelley 14th January

“I had left it a bit late to order so was very pleased that they arrived in time. I wanted to send a wish for my husbands’ birthday today. As my friend was going away for a few days we lit 2 of them on Sunday night.They were lovely and we all felt comforted by them they are so uplifting. They were a bit reluctant to light but as it was windier than we would have hoped this was probably the reason. They floated out over the sea and lasted for about 10 minutes before we lost sight of them. Thank you so much.”Kathleen 13th January

“We havn’t used the lanterns yet as i got them ready for my husbands birthday on 2nd Feb,we had never hheard of them before but a friend brought some for us to our new years eve party and we lit them after
midnight and we thought they were lovely so i’m sure these will be.The delivery was really good as i ordered them on Mon 4th Jan and i received them on the Wednesday.”Jan 13th January

“Order arrived promptly – no prob – thanks Haven’t actually used them yet – weather etc. Will hopefully use ’em next week with grandkids”Mr O’Meara 13th January

“Fast, efficient service. Would definitely recommend and lanterns were fantastic, made our new year’s eve extra special.”Emma 12th January

“Many thanks for your prompt response and for your generousity. The previous delivery provided myself and my sisters with someway of acknowledging our parents, both of which are no longer with us, on New Years Eve. The second order was placed so that we can do this again when my nephew, who is currently serving in the Royal Navy on minesweepers, returns home on leave in a few days time. Once again, many thanks for a wonderful product.”Pauline 11th January

“Your lanterns arrived carefully packaged and in very quick time from ordering. We bought them to use on New Year’s Eve from our house located by a river estuary in Devon. Our guests had not seen the lanterns before and they were entranced. Fortunatley the weather was fine, it was a cold starlit night and they floated beautifully and we could track them for miles. We even had a mention in our local village magazine – “magical oriental lanterns. Thank you – your lanterns made our New Year’s Eve special.”Susie – 8th January

“Yes, thank you, they arrived safely. We will use them in our wedding next August.”Lucy 8th January

“They arrived quickly and safely. We will be using them for a wedding in August, so hopefully we will send you pictures of them.”Christian 8th January

“Yes thanks – the lanterns arrived safely earlier this week.”Pat 8th January

“So glad you have provided me with the opportunity to thank you so much for the delivery of wish lanterns for New Years Eve 2009. They were ordered at lunchtime and delivered the following morning – amazing considering the time of year and the problems with the weather. To say we were impressed with your service would be an understatement and can’t recommend you highly enough. The wish lanterns were amazing and were the highlight of the party. Won’t hesitate to use your company and product again. Thank you thank you thank you”Clare 7th Jnauary

“Thank you so much for our wishlanterns – we LOVED them and they really made our New year magical with every couple making a New Year wish. Everyone was so impressed, even some worried skeptics, and I’m so glad I went with your company as I really felt I was in ‘safe hands’ and being sold something reliable and safe. Thank you! We will definitely be ordering more for another special occasion!”Mary 7th January

“yes it was delivered in time for christmas, it nearly ruined my partner’s proposal on new years’ eve though as he couldn’t light it with matches. eventually he had the bright idea of lightling a tissue which was then able to light the lantern and then he proposed!”Sorrel 6th January

” Great value for money and great service, our lanterns were fantastic! So much more fun (and safer for our children!) than fireworks for our New Year celebrations. I’ll definitely be in touch later this year to place further orders for birthdays, events etc.”Scott 6th January

” Very impressed with how promptly they arrived. Have not used yet but have a couple of occasions planned when we will try them out.”Mrs Kemp 5th January

” Arrival was fine. Lanterns were a success.”Veronica 5th January

” you are so kind – what was great about your service was you used the Live Person resource -I was a first time user and loved it.”David 5th January

” We were very happy with the lanterns and used them at a christmas party.”Helen 4th January

” Everything was fine and they all arrived before Christmas – they were a present for my brother in law. We were at a wedding last year in a big country house. Between sets of the music, we were all handed out a lantern and told to go off into the garden with them and that’s where we “discovered” them. A lovely warm August evening, as the sun set and the lanterns flew over the old house seems a long way from the snow at present!”Jef 4th January

” Yes, everything was fine with the delivery thankyou. I was concerned that I’d left it too late for delivery in time for New Years Eve but ordered just in case and with the thought that I would use them for a birthday celebration at the end of January if they didn’t arrive in time. I needn’t have worried. Delivery was super speedy and everyone was very impressed with the lanterns. We released them just after midnight and they looked beautiful floating up into the sky. For me personally, they signified the end of a very traumatic year and the start of a fresh new one with lots of happiness to look forward to . Thank you again. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone and would certainly use your company again for future purchases.”Kerry 4th January

“The lanterns were delivered very promptly thank you. Unfortunately none of us were sober enough to be trusted with a camera when we set the lanterns off as we did it on the stroke of midnight at New Year. However, I can’t overstate what a great hit they were with the friends and family who joined us to bring in the new year. Everyone loved them and they are something we will definitely use again next year and at other celebrations between now and then. Thanks for your email and for the great service you provided. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who will listen!”Andrew 4th January

“It is all good ,recieved them on the 30th ,magic! but unfortunately the weather on hogmany was no use for the lanterns ,so will have to keep them for another celebration. Thanks for getting back to me though.”Arlene 4th January

“The lanterns were a great success and I am sure that we will order them again in the future.”Andrew 4th January

“Yes thank you I have received the lanterns – they are great. Thanks for following up – brilliant service!”Robyn 4th January

“Thanks for the email. The Lanterns arrived very quickly, but have not been used yet. Waiting for the right occasion.”Mrs Dipple 4th January

“We were thrilled with the lanterns and they were a great hit on New Year’s Eve with adults and children alike, especially as many of our guests had not seen them before. The lanterns arrived very quickly and were well packaged too. An excellent purchase!”Sally 2nd January

“Fantastic! If I was to rate this product out of 5 I would rate it 5.”Pauline 2nd Janaury

“Thanks for my lanterns order which arrived promptly and has been enjoyed by my sister’s family as a Christmas gift. I am very happy with your customer service.”Jane 1st January

“lanterns arrived very quickly after placing the order and we used them on Christmas Day – they were really good and exactly as shown in the illustrations.”Derek 29th December

“everything is fine with the order, actually I’m very pleased with the product, either way it was a great experience I have wanted to try for some time , I am glad I did now ,, thank you for good service.”Mr M 26th December

“Yes the delivery was very quick and I am absolutely delighted with them. They are such a good price too.”Christine 24th December

“Very good service. Using lanterns over christmas period.”Christina 24th December

“Very happy with the order which arrived promptly and well packaged. Would recommend and would buy again.”Nick & Jo 23rd December

“Great service as per usual, but no sweet in this parcel?”Mrs James 23rd December

“everything great…. order arrived in perfect condition.. brilliant service.”Siobhan 23rd December

“All good I’m pleased to say. Thanks for your speedy service”Neil 23rd December

“Parcel received in super quick time. Have just opened box and all looks ok. Many thanks – this will bring an added dimension to New Years Party.”Sarah 23rd December

“The lanterns arrived quickly after placing the order and fingers crossed they will be a fun addition to our New Years Eve party!”Rhiannon 23rd December

“Yes, all received in good order and good tie. Thanks”Simon 23rd December

“Thanks for your email, the lanterns arrived and everything is fine, i’m due to give them as a Christmas present for my sister so i’ll let you know if the product is well liked! Thanks for the swift delivery.”Soonita 23rd December

“Great item, well packaged, arrived really quickly! Sent one up already, Can’t wait to fly the rest.”Lorna 23rd December

“They are for New Years Eve but I have tested a couple and they look great – much bigger and better than I expected.”Helen 22nd December

“thank you very happy with the lanterns for Christmas. Arrived perfectly. Saw the name on Google i think.”Elena 22nd December

“Excellent delivery and service.”Leon 20th December

“Very pleased with the lanterns and the delivery.”Carla 20th December

“thanks for your email. The package arrived on time, I haven’t checked it but as soon as I know the lanterns are ok I will add some feedback.”Mrs Evans 19th December

“The goods arrived in good condition, i would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future”Mr Marson 18th December

“Thanks for the email. My order arrived promptly and everything seems to be fine, thanks.”Wayne 18th December

“Everything arrived ok and in good order.”Jerry 18th December

“Yes thankyou everything was fine with the order. We heard about them from a friend.”Mr Dyer 17th December

“Thank you – everything was fine with the order – it arrived extrremely promptly and was well packaged.”Mrs Newman 17th December

“Amazing fast, speedy delivery. Excellent product. Thank you.”Sue 17th December

“I was very impressed with the service I received especially the speed of which the product arrived from when I placed the order. The fact you took the trouble to wrap the box in brown paper was also appreciated – no chance any ‘small person’ would know what is inside.” Sara 15th December

“Yes thanks it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I first saw the lanterns in Thailand over Christmas a few years ago. The Santa one is cheesy, but great!” Gemma 14th December

“Thrilled with product its a Xmas pressie.” Mrs Coates 7th December

“Order was fine, thanks – very prompt delivery and good value. Friends had a lantern last new year so I just googled and found you. Ordered from you rather than other suppliers as you were cheaper.” Susan 1st December

“thanks very much for the order. The lanterns arrived perfectly packed and quickly. I am definitely happy with them, thanks.” Elisa 30th November

“Yes ,order arrive exactly as promised. Am currently in Goa (where they will be released for my wife’s birthday.” Trevor 30th November

“Yes ,order arrive exactly as promised. Am currently in Goa (where they will be released for my wife’s birthday.” Trevor 30th November

“Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my wish lanterns I was very impressed by how quickly they arrived, I chose you based on good value for money. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for this product. Thanks again.” Mr Maxwell 28th November

“Thank you the wish lantern I had ordered arrived into work in good time and in good condition. The lantern was used at a very special engagement party and everyone was very impressed.” Michelle 27th November

“Lanterns have been received. Very pleased – they will be Christmas presents. May be ordering some more soon!” Pip 27th November

“Thank you the order arrived with no problems looking forward to using them at hogmany!” Arlene 26th November

“The lanterns have been absolutely brilliant. Celebrated a wedding anniversary and bonfire night with friends and all of our children and split the 10 between the 2 occasions. Children made a wish each time. Have recommended them to so many people and many neighbours/friends in the village who saw them released have asked where they came from. Will definitely be ordering some more soon. Thank you for the great service!” Fiona 26th November

“Yes they where brillant. They were a lovely touch to my sisters wedding.” Lisa 26th November

“My lanterns arrived quickly and safely and were exactly what I wanted.” Judith 25th November

“Yes the lanterns were perfect for our occasion and all worked extremely well. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and would use your Wish Lanterns again.” Sally 24th November

“The Delivery was on time thank you.” Mr Bond 24th November

“Many thanks for the follow up. We used the lanterns at a wedding and they were a huge success . . . we are not, however, anticipating another wedding in the near future! If an occasion arises where we think they would be suitable we would have no hesitation in making another order.” Chris 24 November

“We got on great with them at my nephew’s wedding in a field in Yorkshire.” Alan 23rd November

“Yes, I’ve received the wish lanterns, as promptly as was possible!” Jack 23rd November

“Your Wish Lanterns were amazing. I brought them as a surprise for my wife on our wedding day and she loved them. All the guests got involved in lighting and setting them on their way and it made the day even more special that it already was. So a huge thank you.” James 23rd November

“Thanks very much for the emails & getting the lantern out to me. I appreciate your response, it makes a very pleasant change for a problem to be sorted so efficiently.” Elaine 20th November

“Hi, just to let you know I have recieved my Wish-lanterns. Thank you so much!” Lidia 19th November

“Thanks for the email (nice touch actually). Yes I have received it thanks and if it would just stop raining for a bit we can try it out!” Jane 19th November

“I’m pleased to say that the wish lanterns arrived very promptly. I haven’t used them yet as they are for Christmas but I will certainly let you know how they went.” Sue 18th November

“Thanks for the e-mail, the Wish lanterns were fine.” Derry 18th November

“I’m pleased to say that the wish lanterns arrived very promptly. I haven’t used them yet as they are for Christmas but I will certainly let you know how they went.” Sue 18th November

“Thank you for your email. The lanterns were brilliant, I don’t need any more at the moment but I will keep you in mind.” Sarah 18th November

“Thanks for following that up. Excellent and I am sure I will order some more in due course.” Andrew 18th November

“They were great – we used some at a wedding in Dubrovnik and others at a wedding in Dubai. Have a couple left which we are saving for New Year. Will be back when we need some more.” Seonaid 18th November

“They were great – we used some at a wedding in Dubrovnik and others at a wedding in Dubai. Have a couple left which we are saving for New Year. Will be back when we need some more.” Joan 18th November

“Many thanks for your email. We have tested the wish lantern and we were very impressed and yes we will def be purchasing some from yourselves for the wedding.” Laura 16th November

“The wishlanterns were great ..we used them for our wedding and everyone loved them and they turned out very well in the photos! We’ve even kept some so we can send one up each year on our anniversary. Thanks for the follow up.” Alex 16th November

“Received wish lanterns speedily and in perfect condition. top marks for that!! As they are for use in December cannot comment on performance but as a couple of relatives have had the lanterns from you in the past we have no worries on that score.” Sheila 16th November

“The delivery was fine – I think I received it within a few days which was great.” Darpan 16th November

“I was very pleased with the actual purchase, but we are saving the Father Christmas Lantern until Christmas Eve, so unable to comment on the quality etc. The parcel arrived alot sooner than we expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Thank you” Eileen 13th November

“It was excellent and speedy service, thankyou!” Dawn 13th November

“Thanks for the follow up, the lanterns were great we gave them to guests at a wedding that we won for our son and set them off after the fireworks it finished the evening off and everybody was impressed.” Roger 13th November

“Thank you for our recent email. It’s very pleasant to see how you are taking good care of your customers! I got about 25 lanterns last time and absolutely love them!!!! What’s more, my Mum came to visit me and for that occasion we lit a lantern as well. Now, for this year’s New Year we will be having lanterns instead of fireworks.” Monika 13th November

“They look great. Much appreciated.” Jenny 13th November

“I ordered the wish lanterns for a Cub Scout bonfire and firework evening. They went down really well with the Cubs. We found your web- site through Google and will be recommending you to other friends and Scouting collegues. Thanks again for a prompt delivery and a good product.” Gareth 12th November

“The wish lanterns were a great success at our wedding in September. All the guests young and old were enthralled by them. It was a beautiful still, warm evening, perfect for watching them float up into the sky. We got married on a nature reserve so didn’t want to, and weren’t permitted to, disturb the wildlife with fireworks. The wish lanterns were a peaceful alternative.” Sarah 12th November

“Great products, speedy delivery made a real hit at the end of our Bonfire party and I think you can expect further orders from friends.” Liz 11th November

“Thank you very much, I sent them to my Son in Chatham in Kent as part of his birthday surprise and they sent them off at a birthday bbq. Unfortunately we were not there to see them, but everyone enjoyed the experience I have been told.” Terri 11th November

“We received them in good order – they were magical.” Mr Partridge 10th November

“Thanks for your delivery. Your service was excellent.” Richard 10th November

“Arrived on time despite postal strike, many thanks” Adrian 7th November

“Wish lanterns delivered the day after they were ordered. Couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived.” Mrs Fitchett 6th November

“Highly satisfied thanks.” w f jones 5th November

“thank you for sending the Wish Lanterns, as yet we havent tried them, but was very impressed with there prompt delivery, even with the postal strike.” Helen 4th November

“Sorry, I have much work to do so I forgot to tell you that we received wish lanterns about week ago.
Thank you very much. You were very kind.” Tanja 4th November

“Thanks for your email – what fantastic customer service! And what a great product – loved them.” Lynn 2nd November

“The lanterns were awesome. We bought them for a specific purpose when we were holidaying in a remote open space area. Excellent product. I think some people thought they were UFOs.” Nigel 30th October

“Thanks a million I did receive the lanterns in good condition and in pink and white. I’m not using them for a while so I’ll let you know how we get on when we use them. All the best and thanks again.” Aine 29th October

“I was expecting my lanterns a few days later, hopefully. Well, I was surprised to get them even sooner. Lovely, colourful too. I haven’t had those before – so looking forward to seeing them on Bonfire Night here at the farm. Kind regards and thanks, who ever you are there, for organising delivery so fast.” Linda 27th October

“The wish lanterns were for my daughters wedding and they were fantastic, thank you. Thanks again for making her day that extra bit special.” Hilary 27th October

“Lanterns were absolutely great – huge success and caused quite a stir in the Lakes where we used them!!” Jacqui 26th October

“Excellent service – promptly dispatched” Garaldine 25th October

“Great product, service and delivery.” D.I Smith 20th October

“They all arrived fine thanks, very speedy delivery! I think your customer service is excellent. I used your
chat facility on your website and thought the guy was extremely helpful! Makes sneaky wedding planning whilst at work a whole lot easier!!” Lucy 20th October

“The wish lanterns were excellent, everyone had a great time illuminating the night sky with them at our wedding.” Rob 13th October

“I ordered some Wishing Lanterns last year, I was so impressed with the speed of delivery and quality that I will continue order from yourselves. Also the fact that a percentage of sales goes towards the ‘Make a Wish Charity’ is excellent.” C. Bulter 13th October

“WOW!! What can I say, a very fast and efficient service, extremely helpful staff, who answered all worries and enquires in detail, when I rang. The 50 Lanterns I ordered were for my husbands 50th birthday party which finished our evening on a narrowboat perfectly, our guests participated and watch in awe and wonder at the spectacle that arose in the skies above us.” Lesley 12th October

“Our ordered arrived promptly on Wednesday a.m. Thank you very much. They will not be used for a couple of weeks yet but know the family they are intended for will really appreciate the gift . We have seen the lanterns first hand at a friend’s party and everyone loved them. Great idea!” Cathy 9th October

“They were fab and a great hit. We didn’t use them all as it was a little windy but will definately recommend them to all our friends.” Anne 8th October

“The lanterns were great. They were loved by everyone at the event and were a nice alternative to fireworks. I wont be needing any more for now but the service was great so when I do i will be sure to come to you again. “ Thekla 7th October

“Thanks for your Email. I am delighted to say my lanterns arrived promptly this week, packing was excellent. They are for my husband’s 60th Birthday on the 3rd Oct( instead of birthday candles!)” Sandra 2nd October

“Hi there, i was very pleased with your wish lanterns. I have since ordered some from another company and they were no-where near as good as yours. My next order (which will be soon), will definately be from yourselves.” Colin 2nd October

“Recently bought some wish lanterns from yourselves for my daughter’s wedding. The wedding was last Saturday and I just wanted to say how fantastic the wish lanterns were. The size were much bigger and better than anticipated and they were easy to light, Everybody commented on the quality of them and I would recommend your lanterns to anyone who wanted to ensure a safe and spectacular display for any event.” Shelagh 30th September

“All of our guests got to release one each with their wish attached after the meal and they loved it. The
weather was in our favour and it was a magical experience which none of us will ever forget. I’d like to thank your company for the efficiency with which they dealt with our order. We have already recommended you to other people. We don’t need any lanterns at the moment, but will think if you in the future.” Maria 29th September

“Yes thank you- very impressed by your service and are hoping to place an order in October!” Kate 28th September

“Hi Many many thanks for the order. It arrived almost before I left my computer!!” Viv 25th September

“Many thanks for your follow up. the lanterns look fine and waiting now to realease them for the special occaision… our wedding day on 3rd october 2009. We will send photos when we have done this” Lesley 24th September

“Thanks for all your help arranging the lanterns for my son’s wedding in santorini at short notice. I’m sure they will make a very special day even more special!.” Sue 19th september

“Really enjoyed them. Had an excellent birthday celebration and Will order more at future weddings etc.” Bob 18th september

“Very pleased with delivery thank you. I saw and tried your lanterns at Crook House at Durham City last week. They opened their walled gardens and House to the public to witness sunset from there. It was Durham Peace and Tranquility week. After dark I sent my lantern and wish, along with my friend and strangers sending theirs. Magical.” Joan 16th September

“Everything arrived on time and in perfect order. We launch them at our wedding on the 19th and will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for you promp service!” Matt Hoos, 10th September

“Everything arrived on time and in perfect order. We launch them at our wedding on the 19th and will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for you promp service!” Matt Hoos, 10th September

“I was very satisfied with the service and the product.” Nigel, 18th August

“Thanks for contacting me – the Wish Lanterns looked very pretty. We let them off at the end of each night at a music festival we were producing.” Beckie, 18th August

“Thanks for the efficient and quick service – we can’t wait to use them and I’m sure our guests will be thrilled with a change from fireworks!” Nathalie, 18th August

“I ordered 10 multi-coloured wish lanterns by telephone for a very close friend who I knew would be delighted with them – we always aim for imaginative and special presents for each other’s birthdays, so I was chuffed when I stumbled on these online. They arrived promptly the next day (as I had ordered), and she was absolutely thrilled! We lit one that evening to a toast to friendship and a glass of wine, and watched it sail into the air and gently blow over the town. It was beautiful, and so simple to use and enjoy. Thank you, Wish Lantern!” Michelle, 18th August

“I’d just like to say how good the lanterns were both for quality and ease of use, we will certainly be ordering again for other occasions. Also your customer service has been excellent.” Andy & Vicky Taylor, 14th August

“Many thanks for the speedy order.” Phil, 14th August

‘They arrived safe and sound, thank you. They will be used on Tuesday as the finale of a dear departed friend’s memorial. Will give you feedback and phottos afterwards.”Sandy, 14th August

“Thank you very much for the speedy delivery, I will be taking them to Africa and will be lighting them in dedication of my Mother’s fine and beautiful spirit on the anniversary of her sad passing.” Suzanne, 13th August

“That’s really sweet of you but I think you’re right, we’re sure to have another occassion when I’d love to use them. I’m not sure if they have a “shelf life” though. It’s my Dad’s 90th in March 2010, I wonder if they’ll be ok til then?They were the highlight of the party we attended and I don’t really understand how they’re so different from fireworks. Cows must eat them too, in far greater quantity!
Thanks again. I’ll find time to go to “customer feedback”, your service has been excellent.”Gillian, 13th August

“Attached are some photos of us setting off our lanterns to mark the occasion of some of the family emigrating to Australia. Feel free to use what you like.
I’d just like to say how good the lanterns were both for quality and ease of use, we will certainly be ordering again for other occasions. Also your customer service has been excellent.” Andy & Vicky Taylor. 13th August

“I have used many many sky candles / wish lanterns etc in the past, some good and some bad. I bought 50 from this website as it was for a friends wedding and although they were a few pounds more expensive than another site I wanted guaranteed quality which this site seemed to claim. I was astounded by the excellent quality of the lanterns, the paper is thick so will be less likely to rip when being unfolded by champagne weary guests (lanterns not to be used whilst intoxicated by the way), the fuel cell is attached and unfolds a little which makes it much easier to light than normal fuel cells and they seem to be much bigger than the lanterns I have used previously. Excellent excellent product and fast delivery. Highly recommended.
(give 5 stars),
cheers, I’m very happy with the product – keep up the good work!
Hannah, 11th August

“The Lanterns arrived prompt, they were superb, thank you very much. Everyone loved them.’ Diane Harris, 7th August

‘Thanks for the very rapid despatch of the above, arrived safely, bought as a present so don’t know how they have worked yet, but bought from you at Christmas and they arrived on time too. So thank you for providing a good service.’ Claire, 7th August

‘Got the order in an amazingly quick time. As for your question….saw some lanterns being set off on Brighton beach and looked for them on Ebay…..no luck, only expensive chinese red ones, but you seem to have cornered the market on Amazon. If it helps I looked for hot air balloon first, before I found out their universal name.’ David, 6th August

‘We have received our wish lanterns. Thank you for the note included in the box and for separating them in to 2 boxes so they arrived. We appreciate that greatly and we now have them for our wedding next week.’ Chris Roberts, 6th August

‘Thought you might like our wish lantern pictures from last Friday night! Absolutely fabulous!’ Nicola Lee, 3rd August

‘Thank you for such quick handling of the order, the Wish lanterns have arrived today, ordered yesterday! They will be ‘released’ in the night sky by a Chateau in the Dordogne River valley at the end of September.’ Meta Leslie, 31 July

‘Thank you for your excellent service, extremely prompt delivery and for the wonderful lanterns.’ Carina, 30th July

‘They arrived the next day, the service was amazing, thank you very much. The lanterns are for my daughters wedding so hopefully she will enjoy them as it is a surprise.’ Hilary, 30th July

‘Just a short note in response to your follow up. I was most impressed with your prompt and efficient service when I ordered some wish lanterns after seeing them ‘in action’ at a friend’s birthday party. I took some with me to the Isle of Wight for the children to send up from the beach and they loved them! So did everyone else on the beach and I had several enquiries from bystanders to whom we gave your website address!’ Louise Sawyer, 27th July

‘My wishlanterns have arrived safely and very quickly, thanks very much. would recommend to others.’ Melissa, 26th July

‘I received the wish lanterns and was very pleased with them. We lit one for our 1st wedding anniversary and it went up like a dream so thank you.’ Kellie, 26th July

‘Thank you very much – They arrived promptly.’ Jo, 26th July

‘Great service, arrived very quickly, very pleased. Thanks’ J. Fairbairn, 23rd July

‘Yes they have arrived and we have tried a couple already and look fab. I didn’t realize how large they were which adds to the fun. They will be set off Friday night so if we get any photos we will pass them onto you.’ Cathy, 22nd July

‘My lanterns arrived very speedily, thank you! I can’t wait to try them out. We have ordered them for our wedding in five weeks time and hope to have about 65 of them going up in the sky all at once so will send you some photos of all those special wishes after the event!’ Andrea, 20th July

‘I am just writing to say how pleased my fiance and I were with both the product and service- we received the sample the very next day! We will definitely be going ahead with the plan of having Wish Lanterns in our wedding.

Many thanks’ Rebecca, 17th July

“We loved them! I dont have an occasion to buy any more just yet, but I am sure I will in the future as they were so lovely and really made our evening.” Rachael, 17th July

“Amazing service. Ordered over the phone at 4pm and on my desk by 10am the next morning! Wow! The lanterns also work unlike some cheaper ones I’ve had in the past. Thank you. Fantastic quality product and customer care.” Dom Mcdermott, 14th July

“My wonderful wonderful Wish Lanters arrived swiftly, thankyou. They are beautiful. They are going to be used for some very special occasions within the next two weeks, they will make someones 18th more magical and a dearly dearly departeds last day even more poignant. Wishing him love on his journey to a better place, and for the young girl all the love, joy and hope of things to come. Amazing. Im truly delighted. I will try to send some photographs. Today has a special meaning too, so a few wishes go up to the stars tonight.

I cant think of any occasion that they would not add that extra ‘something’ to, so look out for many many more orders.
Your service is top class. Couldnt be better.
Highly recommended.”
Sue, 14th July

“I received the lanterns yesterday and couldn’t wait to try one so I am already down to 19!!!
they are brill.
You got them here so fast!!
Brilliant service” Sarah-Louise Mills, 14th July

” Thanks for your email. The wish lanterns arrived very promptly and look great. The festival we purchased them for takes place this weekend, so i’ll send further comments and some pics after the event.” Jen Wilson, 14th June

“The lanterns were delivered within 26 hours of my email order. Your service, info on order, delivery etc were excellent. We will use the lanterns when all the families get together in August.” Malcolm Hall. 14th July

“I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. We plan to set them off on a nearby beach for a birthday party. If we get any successful photos I will email them to you.” Cheryl Bruce, 11th July

“Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the lanterns – excellent service. I will forward some photos of our celebrations in a couple of weeks. ” Susie Hammon, 10th July

“Fantastic and arrived on my father’s birthday. It was his only birthday request after seeing them for the first time at our wedding this year. Thank you.” Vicki, 6th July

“My wish lanterns were perfect. None of my friends had seen one before and they were amazed at the ‘launch’.
A truly magical way to end a party.”
Kay Denton, 5th July

“Thanks for the follow up yes we did recieve them and yes there went down very well as soon as I get video or photo’s I shall post them to your web site.Thank you again and I have told everyone who wanted to know who I got them from and about your excllent service.” David Bestwick, 5th July

Everything was great! quick delivery and good quality. Thank you” Jackie Pell, 4th July

“Hi Guys,
just a quick note to say thank you for the service received so far. Firstly I would say you have a great website and it’s the first time I have used an online help facility. I was also impressed when I phoned to place an order and then they arrived the next day. They are for a 90th birthday party in a couple of weeks and with so much to organise it’s great to know that there’s one tick off the list. Will let you know how they go down and of course send any pictures Thanks again for an excellent service – wish everyone could be so efficient.” Anne Wilkinson, 4th July

“yes – received fine thanks – looking forward to trying them out!” Gavin Sayers, 3rd July

“Hello and thanks for such fast service. Hope to use the lanterns this weekend if the weather is OK and if so will have to order some more for our next social occasion this summer. Im sure when our BBQ night on Saturday is over you will get some more orders form friends that will be there. Thanks again”

Lilian Mackenzie, 3rd July

“I have now received it and everything is in order. Thanks for the excellent service.” Simon Ford, 3rd July

“They came very proptly and I haven’t opened them yet as they’re for a funeral tomor. Thanks for sending them so quickly.”
Pip, 2nd July

“Yes I received the Wish Lanterns 2days after I ordered them which is absolutely fantastic delivery!

After the event on the 10th July, if there are any photos I’ll be sure to send them to you.

Thanks again for you fantastic delivery service, Kind Regards, Chloe xxx” Chloe James, 30th June

“We couldn’t believe how quickly the lanterns arrived and we are due to use them for a party on Saturday 11th July. We lit one to try them out last weekend and it was beautiful. We can’t wait for the big night to watch them all flying off over the sea. Many thanks.” Mrs Anna L Marshall, 30th June

“Just to say thank you so much for the wonderful wish lanterns. It was a surprise for my dads 65th/retirement party in the garden and they went down a treat. All the guests were so excited and fascinated with the lanterns. I have recommended you to a number of friends and family who want to use them at forthcoming weddings and parties etc. Will use them again for sure.” Paula Steer, 24th June

“We couldn’t have wished for a better finale for our wedding. the guests all loved them and there was a real buzz of excitement and goodwill as the lanterns went up. The lanterns all lit easily and looked beautiful as they floated off in the sunset. They seemed to burn for ages. I recommend these wish lanterns for any special occasion.
cheers guys.”
Angela Webb, 23rd June

>”Many thanks, yes they came in time, and we let one off and it flew up and disappeared in the South East. We have many more special occasions coming up and look forward to watching them float. It was a wonderful sight. Many thanks.” Jan Thomas, 23rd June

“Yes, I recived the lanterns OK and would like to say thank you very much for your excellent customer service.
It is a real pleasure to deal with a company that actually care!! Thanks again” Jackie, 22nd June

“Delivery was very fast (next day), and the lanterns were absolutely magical. Thanks for a great service.” 16th June

“Thank you, they arrived last week…most prompt!! They will be used in August for a Birthday celebration,so we are looking forward to something a little different!” Susie Baker, 15th June

“Thanks for your kind email and yes the lanterns have arrived safe and sound :-) They will be sent into the night on Sunday 14th June 09 in Kirby Longsdale to celebrate my husbands surprise 50th birthday with 18 other guests. We will take lots of photos and I’ll ask everyone to input to the website.” EJ. Received 3rd June – Posted 15th June for obvious reasons

“Thanks for your message – we got the lanterns OK and they worked perfectly. We sent the lanterns up on a beautiful clear calm evening to remember someone very dear to us who died last year – and they helped to make the occasion one that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.” Paul Hunter, 13th June

“Thank you so much for your email – the wishlanterns arrived so promptly and everything has been fantastic. We look forward to launching them at our friends’ wedding!” Mary Read. June 11th

“Most efficient service. Wish lanterns are stacked up near back door, waiting for September, when we have a feast in our Tithe barn, and let them off at the end of the evening. Really looking forward to it.” Ritka Carr, June 10th

“The wish lanterns were fantastic. We used them at our wedding earlier this month and everyone present was amazed by them. I will happily recommend your site to friends if they are looking for lanterns and will be back myself if I have any opportunity to use lanterns again.” Dan Willmott, June 9th

“Thank you for your email. I include a picture of us launching a wish lantern that you might like. We are giving them out to our clients after the funeral and seeing what the response is. We ghave a few left but as soon as they are gone we will reorder.” Bradley & Jones Funeral Directors, June 9th

“The wish lanterns were fantastic. We used them at our wedding earlier this month and everyone present was amazed by them. I will happily recommend your site to friends if they are looking for lanterns and will be back myself if I have any opportunity to use lanterns again.” Dan Willmott, June 9th

“The order arrived safely thank you. A colleague was so impressed she immediately ordered some too. I haven’t used the lanterns yet but once I do I’ll leave feedback and pictures if I get some!” Jonathan, June 5th

“Thank you for your enquiry. We were blessed with the perfect weather conditions and the results were stunning. Many of our guests took details. We have many lanters left so will be able to enhance our dinner parties in the future” Peter Westwood, 4th June

“They were absolutely fantastic and everyone loved them. I have already referred a couple of friends your way! Thanks again for the excellent service and quick delivery.” Kate, 3rd June

“Thank you checking that all went well with delivery. The lanterns arrived the day after being dispatched just in time for my sons 7th birthday, despite me leaving the order to the last minute. Everyone loved the lanterns. Thanks again” Curtis, 3rd June

“Hello, Just a quick email to say thank you very much for my recent order of lanterns, I am very happy with the speedy delivery! All lanterns arrived in great condition thank you. I have not yet used the lanterns as I am saving them for a special occasion soon but I look forward to using them. Thank u very much and we will be ordering more from you in the future im sure. Many thanks.” Mrs J Fisher, 3rd June

“The wish lanterns were a huge success, & I have recommended them to my friends.They made a perfect end to my daughters 40th birthday,we released them on the beach with a steady breeze and they drifted up into the evening sky where they could be seen for miles.” Trish Loveridge, 3rd June

“yes thank you i received them yesterday thanks for the great service. many thanks” Robbie, 4th June

“The wish lanterns were a huge success, & I have recommended them to my friends.They made a perfect end to my daughters 40th birthday,we released them on the beach with a steady breeze and they drifted up into the evening sky where they could be seen for miles.” Trish Loveridge, 4th June

“Hello, Just a quick email to say thank you very much for my recent orderof lanterns, i am very happy with the speedy delivery! all lanterns arrived in great condition thank you. i have not yet used the lanterns as i am saving them for a special occasion soon but i look forward to useing them. thank u very much and we will be ordering more from you in the future im sure. ” Mrs J Fisher, 3rd June

“Thank you checking that all went well with delivery. The lanterns arrived the day after being dispatched just in time for my sons 7th birthday, despite me leaving the order to the last minute. Everyone loved the lanterns.” Curtis, 3rd June

“They were excellent thanks. Really made the wedding special and everyone enjoyed them more than the fireworks! Will definitely by using you again and recommending you to others for special occasions.” Keeley Pitt-Jones, 3rd June

“Thank you so much for the fabulous wish lanterns you provided for our wedding day! They were absolutely stunning and brought the night to a close in spectacular fashion. Everybody has been talking about them and asking how we got the idea to have them, so I think you’ll soon have more customers!” Samantha and Scott Lawrie, 3rd June

“We loved them – will look to buy some more shortly” Gerry, 3rd June

“They were absolutely fantastic and everyone loved them. I have already referred a couple of friends your way! Thanks again for the excellent service and quick delivery.” Katie Keilty, 3rd June

“We have yet to use them…our wedding is on June 20th so are looking forward to letting them go then. We did have a practice run with one which went really well, we were also pleased with the size and shape of the lanterns…better than others we had seen elsewhere.” Matt and Amy, 2nd June

“Thankyou for the prompt delivery of my Wish Lanterns, they were for my daughter’s 18th birthday party, they stole the show.” Lu Cadman, 8th May

“Got em all fine, Wedding in August, tried one the other night, great fun!!! Thanks very much, Jimmy x” 5th May

“Thank you, they arrived promptly and safely and I hope to use them soon.” Jo Wilson, 5th May

“Thanks so much for your email. The lanterns arrived safely and we were absolutely delighted. They were a surprise gift at a birthday party and everyone just loved them. They really made the evening special and i will definitely be ordering from you again!” Rachel Bradley, 5th May

“We had a 50th birthday bash at billing aquadome over the weekend everyone were impressed with lanterns and there performance waiting on pics weather was very windy which did not help there assent many thanks” Peter Melbourne, 4th May

“Thank you the wish lanterns have safely arrived, I am so looking forward to letting them reach for the sky!” Caroline, 4th May

“I wanted to write and say how good your customer service is. The order I placed was fulfilled within 24 hours which was great. The order was to send wish lanterns up on the night of my grand-daughters funeral. They made a very touching and uplifting end to the day. A pink one was included over and above the order which was a delightful surprise, as was the follow up call to ensure the products arrived in time. The wish lanterns are certainly well worth the money and perform far better than I had expected. A great product, excellent customer service and delivery. I cannot recommend your company service and product highly enough. Thank you for helping deliver a happy moment on a very sad day.” Mark & Yvonne Lewis, 30th April

“Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service well pleased with the purchase” John Croney, 30th April

“I ordered the lanterns by phone at the last minute for an 80th birthday party. I\’m SO impressed with your prompt service – they arrived the next day. The lanterns made a lovely day perfectly magical. The sun had shone for us, the stars were out and we floated our wishes off into the night. Thank you.” Mrs Allison, 27th April

“Thanks for all your help, we were so pleased with our wish lanterns, they were a beautiful finishing touch.” May Moore, 23rd April

“Thank You for your interest – bought them for a special event, which hasn’t taken place yet, but very happy with your Sales and Delivery.” Gordon, 23rd April

“hi marita. oh god they were amazing…….. truly. you were kind helping me about. thx for this. it really was amazing. i will order from you again for sure. going to show my son and daughter this week…….. take care.” Claire Clube, 22nd April

“Just a reply to let you know the Wish Lanterns arrived in time for our wedding. I have been very impressed with your service so thank you for your quick responses to all my emails! The lanterns went down a treat and were an absolutely beautiful way to end our wedding day. We received so many lovely comments, we were so glad we decided to use them.

In fact, a couple that attended our wedding are getting married in a couple of weeks time and asked if we minded if they used the same idea. We have decided we’d like to order them some as a wedding gift. Again these will need to be delivered to Ireland so I wonder if you could contact me to arrange payment and delivery? Once again thanks, we’d be very happy to recommend you to any of our friends, Ireland or England.” May Moore, 20th April

“The Wish Lanterns arrived the day after I ordered them – very fast and efficient! We have yet to use one so will update you when we do.” Ally Prior, 20th April

“All who came to the party were captivated by the idea of sending wishes which they all wrote on the lantern up into the sky. We overlook Cardigan Bay and it was a star spangled night over the sea. We could see the lantern for miles and miles. Thank you very much. A lot of our family and friends will be contacting you.” Jane Chapman, 15th April

“Thank you for your very kind follow up email below. I have to say how impressed I have been at the whole ordering, payment and delivery service process. Having ordered the wish lanterns about 3.30pm in the afternoon, I was amazed to recieve them via the post the next morning. The reason for taking a little longer to reply was to give you the reactions from our family & friends that we gave them to as calorie free Easter gifts. Lots of great comments and intrigue in the whole idea and story of the lanterns – even before their launch. Not only will I definately order from you again, but I believe my family will too – having shared their thoughts of several creative ways to give them as gifts. I would be more than happy to recommend and applaud your company for the fantastic product and customer service it provides. All in all it was a unique and great way to end the evening.Thank you again.” Stu Balnaves, 12th April

“Thank you for the email re delivery. Lanterns arrived safely next day and we successfully released them last night in memory of our niece who would have been 21. Judging by the response and the number of inserts with the web address that were collected I think you may receive further orders from our area, we will certainly be placing an order for our daughters 21st in July. Thank you again” D J Colvin, 7th April

“Thank you for the follow up email and I am pleased to say that I recieved the delivery the next day. I would like to congraulate Wish Lanterns on their speedy service and can’t wait to see 60 lanterns take off at our wedding in the Lake District flying high above lake windermer – its going to be ‘magic’ indeed.” Katie Kielty, 6th April

“Yes we received our lanterns very speedily and we are delighted with them. We decided we would use one that evening just to prepare ourselves for when we are going to use them (anniversary). We stood on our decking and lit lantern, watched with amazement as it puffed up and then let go, it sailed straight up then decided to fly over our house, so we ran, me, husband and dog, through the house to the front door and we burst out into front garden and there it was soaring majestically to the heavens. It was beautiful to watch and brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know if any neighbours saw anything – they probably thought we were drunk as we were laughing and the dog was barking!!! All in all it was a great experience. I cant wait to use them on our anniversary as more people will be there and I know they will enjoy it too.” Clare, 3rd April

“With reference to your e mail I would just like to express how happy I was with your excellent product and your first class service. From start to finish the service was excellent and I will definitely be using your product and services again and recommending you to family and friends.” Beverley Smith, 30th March

“Many thanks, they arrived the next day. Was very impressed with your efficiency. Hope everything goes well next week when we use them at my mums wedding.” Keeley Pitt-Jones, 27th March

“Delivery, great, giving them for a 60th birthday, so will let you know in due course if any photos. Many thanks for your follow up E-mail it matters to me because i do not buy off the internet much. I will order again from you.” Mrs D Kallis, 20th March

“Yes, thank you, all arrived in perfect order and the love hearts made me smile! Had a trial run with one sky lantern last night – a bit tense because there was a slight breeze – but all was well and it went sailing off out of sight. Crossing my fingers there will be a windless night for the wedding when it should be spectacular. If any pics are worth sending, I will let you have them. ” Maxine, 16th March

“Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of my wish lanterns order, they look great. I have purchased them for a wedding anniversary dinner in May so will e mail you some pictures then.” Debbie Rhodes, 12th March

“Thanks for your email and for the excellent service. They arrived so quickly and I was very impressed with the individual packing as I wanted them for presents for my friends birthday, they’re all getting one this year.” Jill, 10th March

“The Wish lanterns all worked well so I was very pleased with them. Will order again for the next special occasion.” Andy Badman, 9th March

“Thanks for the email, we are very pleased with the lanterns and will try for some photos when they are used at the end of this month. We were especially impressed to receive our lanterns the morning after placing our order during the late afternoon – brilliant service, thanks ” Peter Wells, 7th March

“The wishlanterns arrived on Thursday. An incredibly prompt delivery service. We launched one lantern on Saturday. It was spectacular. ” Hiliary Westwood, 3rd March

“Thank you for your speedy service. I will certainly recommend your company to family & friends for your excellent customer service alone. Hopefully the product will match!” Niki Rogers, 2nd March

“Thanks for your note. Yes the lanterns arrived the very next day, so yet again an excellent service… I have already recommended you to some friends and I believe Mr Errington has already purchased some lanterns from you. Ian Yeadon, 23rd February

“We got on really well with them, it was the first time all of us had used them and were very impressed. I would definitely use you again and would recommend you. ” Vanessa Israel, 19th February

“Lanterns were fab – will certainly order more when we need” Clare Pickering, 19th February

“They were great – thanks! We used them at New Year, and everyone loved them – especially (but not only!) the kids. The grownups were fascinated by studying the air currents, and everyone just though they were magical. We managed to keep out of the newpaper too!” Mr K S Wansbrough, 18th February

“Thank you for your quick delivery of our wish lanterns. we recieved them in good time and condition. we’ll let you know how they performed when we have released them at our wedding in april!” Helen, 17th February

“Hi there. They were a present for my mum, and it turned out i couldn’t be there when they were sent off, but apparently it was fantastic. I will definitely consider them for another special occasion, although not right at the moment. Thanks very much.” Bryony Watson, 16th February

“The wish lanterns were wonderful. all the party thought they were the best – the fireworks didn’t go anywhere near to comparing….looks like we might forgo fireworks next nov 5 and stick with the lanterns!

thanks for your help and quick response to the order” Val Goodier, 9th February

“First class, speedy service. Wish lanterns were a highlight of our wedding with all our guests.” Google Review, 2nd February

Thanks for your mail. We used them on Christmas night much to the delight of the grandchildren. In fact all 23 family members were impressed! Although we do not require any more as yet we will no doubt use them again at other celebrations/ events.” Barry Bywater. 25th January

“I thought you might like to see this photo of the ‘Gillespie Pyromaniacs’ lighting one of the Wish lanterns on Christmas day. They were a huge success and we also took a couple over to Argyll on Hogmanay. A few folk took details, so you might be getting some orders from north of the border.” Moira Gillespie, 19th January

“Just thought we’d let you know, we set off the lanterns last night to bring in the New Year.

Absolutely Amazing. ” Andrew, 1st January

Great! They even called me to confirm I’d received the goods, which was a surprise but shows they’re keen to be of service!” 29th December

“Brilliant, ordered and rec’d very quickly. We had not used them before but were very impressed and would buy again.” 29th December

“They were brilliant thanks Sarah. We will have some more in 2009!” Jonathon Brown, 20th December

“The lanterns are great – not to put too fine a point on it I use them in my work with bereaved families, so order them on an as needed basis. Delivery is prompt and that really helps” Anon,17th December

“Lanterns I purchased are for use over the Christmas period, I think they will add something special to parties with friends. Overall the experience of dealing with WishLantern has been extremely positive, from the taking of the order to the delivery of the lanterns. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.” Ian Yeadon, 16th December

“I don’t need to order more wish lanterns thank you, but would like to say what a success they were. We weren’t able to let them all off that one night so still have some to inflate. I have recommended you to many people who had not heard of wish lanterns.” Nicki, 15th December

“Amazing service – hand delivered lanterns! Very quick and efficient. Very helpful and polite telephone communication. No problems whatsoever! ” Mike Denning, 12th December

“Yes to just confirm that I received the items within two days of my requesting them and that they arrived in perfect condition. I shall try and send you some photos – we plan to use them Xmas & New Years Eve.” Dawn Cole, 11th December

“Hi, thank you for my order of 30 wish lanterns that arrived safely this week. They were all packaged well and although they are a present for someone else im sure they will be appreciated. Thank you again” Jacqui Rickenberg, 7th December”Gratefully received! Great service, thank you.” Alex Freeman, 5th December

I ordered these for my wedding next year. You were very helpful on the phone and the lanterns were delivered exceptionally quickly. Thanks wish lantern team!” Kate Martens, 25th November

“They were excellent ! Safely packed and no damage to the paper when delivered (unlike some others I have used). Was very impressed.” Eryl Jones, 17th November

“I had great communication from the company and the product arrived well packaged and just as described – I’d be happy to buy from them again and to recommend them to others.”Alice Whitacker, 14th November

“Very good service goods arrived within 48Hrs” R Rumsey, 13th November

Excellent, very quick delivery. Items received the following day after order. Well packaged for safe delivery” Terry Lee, 5th November

“Thank you for the extremely professional and prompt service, the lanterns arrived beautifully packaged and presented with instructions the next day. I have not yet used them so cannot comment on how they work!”Alison, 5th November

“Fantastic! Great communication and service – Arrived Quickly and well packaged. Very helpful. Loved the sweets that came in the box – lovely touch !” R Southern. 4th November

“Great service, fast delivery with a surprise lollipop! The lantern was used to mark a special birthday and very much appreciated by the birthday lady. ” Mieke, 4th November

“Thanks for your e-mail, I can confirm that the lanterns arrived the next day as you said they would and they were everything we wanted/expected from them. We stood out on the prom at Sheringham and watched them float out to sea, remarkably the weather was perfect. It was blowing in a northerly direction which took the lanterns straight away from the beach. After we had sent the first 3 off we had gathered an audience of 10-15 people or so who were taking photographs of the lanterns as they drifted away.” Paul, 4th November

“We sent up our wish lanterns on the night of the fireworks and they were a great hit, our customers all made wishes and said they had never seen anything like it before so we will be having more from you in the future.” Jane O’Brien, 30th October

“Thanks for the prompt service. I haven’t used the lanterns yet but can’t wait to set them free at my brother’s wedding.” 29th October

“Very helpful, prompt service and good aftercare- a pleasure all round. ” Mrs Webb, 28th October

“Brilliant! Quick, efficient and accurate.” Dr Allen, 27th October

“The product is superb, and produced exactly the ‘wow’ moment I hoped for. Despatch was very prompt- ordered Sunday evening, dispatched Tuesday, arrived Wednesday morning. Top class all round :-)” N H Metcalfe, 22nd October

“They went down really well every one loved them, I also loved the next day delivery. I dare say i will be ordering more for our fireworks party.” Gareth Brown, 18th October

“Thank you for sending my lanterns they did arrive the next day. Thankyou for your help and speedy service.” Mrs Wright, 2nd October

“Lanterns arrived this morning. Very efficient service.” N Laughton, 23rd September

“Superb ordering and efficient, speedy delivery. Progress of my order was emailed to me and it was delivered, securely packaged next day. An excellent online experience.”

Mr Horton, 21st September

“Fast and efficient, will continue to order from this site.” Miss J Lane, 17th September

“A very personal experience, they even queried when I made a duplicate order the following day, just in case I had ordered in error. Very good service and communication.”

D Grove, 16th September

“Terrific product and prompt delivery. I was emailed afterwards to check that all was OK with the order. Well pleased!” Mr S R Oak, 12th September

“Trouble free transaction – goods quickly delivered with no problems” Mr Nicholas Peterson, 12 September

“Very good service and good communications, they responded to my e-mail within 24 hours. A good company to do business with. Thank you.” Adrian A Ballack, 9th September

“Excellent. quick, efficient, and they checked with me afterwards to ensure that everything had arrived safely.” Mrs J V Ballantine, 5th September

“Very easy to order, prompt service and a follow-up email to check everything is OK. First class service and highly recommended.” Mrs M Port, 4th September

“All details were looked after from start to finish, easy to order, easy to pay, prompt delivery of the goods, and I even got a few sweets in the package!! Just goes to show something as simple as providing the required service with a little added something really pays off!! I look forward to using this company again.” Mrs T Lectite, 4th September

“Fantastic service from this store – quick response to phone queries – extremely friendly & helpful – Would recommend to anyone :-)” K Walliams, 3rd September

“It was a real pleasure doing business with a company that is so helpful, deliver extremely promptly and email afterwards to check everything is OK. I wish more companies were like this. I won’t hesitate to use them again. ” Mrs C Weatherstone, 2nd September

“Excellent communication. Updates when payment received and goods despatched, arrived next day. Overall a pleasant online shopping experience.” A Flitock, 29th August

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“Fantastic service! Dispatch was within 1 day and delivery very quick. I would definitely recommend buying with Wish Lantern.” Mrs J Lakhani, 23rd August

“Fantastic, very friendly and efficient.” Asa Fotherington, 22nd August