Flying Lanterns

Flying Lanterns is another phrase that is sometimes used to refer to Wish Lanterns

Wish Lantern is the UK’s original supplier of flying lanterns, the safe and quiet alternative to fireworks that create and amazing visual effect when they are released into the sky.

Flying Lanterns

Flying Lanterns are similar to miniature hot air balloons which as lit, fill up with hot air, and rise gently into the sky, with a bright glow that can be seen for miles around. They are made from bio-degradable rice paper, and when their flame burns out they float gently back down to ground. Wish Lantern flying lanterns are 108cm tall and 66 cm wide when filled with hot air, and our lanterns come with pre-attached cardboard fuel cells. Beware cheap imitations of a poor quality that do not come with fuel cells pre-attached.

Flying Lanterns from Wish Lantern carry a UK price match guarantee on all quality flying lanterns sold in the UK.

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