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segerius-bruce-wish-lantern-7Wedding Lanterns From Wish Lantern

Over the last year, Wish Lanterns have seen become one of the most sought after unique wedding ideas around. They make for a stunning alternative to the obvious option of fireworks for a reception or ceremony, and we are proud to have had our lanterns used on the special day of hundreds of couples across the UK and Europe.

Wedding Lantern Packages

If you are looking for something extra special for your wedding, we offer brides and grooms personalised wedding packages that include…

* Custom Wedding Lantern Inserts – Personalised card inserts placed inside each Wish Lanterns, each insert is printed with name of the bride and groom, and date of the wedding in decorative font. Sure to impress guests, or as a gift for the bride and groom when handed out. View full detail image of a wedding lantern personalised insert

* Wish Cards – Printed with a personalised header and footer for the bride and groom and their wedding date, hand these cards out amongst guests for them to write a wish for the newly weds. Collect the cards at the end of your reception and have a memento of the loving wishes from friends and family on your special day.

* Wish Pens – Felt tip Wish Lantern pens that can be used to write wishes on the wish cards, or to carefully decorate wedding lanterns before they are launched.

* Wish Lighters – A set of branded lighters to hand out to guests or bride and groom to light their wedding lanterns with.


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We hope the images below will help give you a better idea of how our wedding lantern packages can help bring magic to your special day.

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