Sky Lanterns are a part of wonderful traditions and legends. One such legend is about a beautiful bird that flew down to the earth from heaven. It was hunted by village people, which made the Jade Emperor of┬áHeaven very angry, because the bird was his favourite one. He ordered that a firestorm destroy the village and kill all everyone in it on 15th lunar day. But the Emperor’s daughter heard of this act of vengeance, and warned the villagers to prepare for it.

The villagers were worried but didn’t know what they could do about the threat of impending doom. Luckily, a wise man who happened to be passing through the village one day, suggested that everyone should hang red lanterns around the homes, make bonfires on the street, and set off fireworks on the 14th, 15th and 16th lunar days. So it was that on the night of the planned destruction the Emperor’s troops thought the village was on fire. Upon reporting back to their lord, the Jade Emperor believed the villagers had died and removed the curse. From that day on, people celebrated the anniversary on the 15th lunar day every year by carrying red lanterns on the streets and exploding firecracker and fireworks.

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