How to Make You Own Lantern

Flying lanterns are great for parties, and to match the theme you can make your own simply for decoration! Have you ever wondered how it’s made? It is not that complicated. We will give you some useful tips how to make your own.

Get some thin colourful paper tissue. Remember that you will light a fire inside the lantern and this means the paper might catch on fire. You will need to make it fireproof. There are some products on the market like a paper shield spray that you can buy and make your paper fireproof. One spray like that will be enough for making a dozen lanterns. Hang the paper tissue and spray it with the liquid until it is soaked up with it and place a plastic underneath so it won’t drip on the floor. Cut out pieces of paper and glue them together. The shape of the pieces depends on what type of lantern you are about to make. You can glue different coloured paper pieces and the lantern will be very colourful. Next, you will need to make the bamboo hoop. Buy a tiki torch bamboo from the store. Split the handle into thin strips. Take one of them and smooth it with sand paper, but only on what will be the inside of the hoop. If you smooth the exterior of the hoop you can weaken its structure. Then, carefully make a hoop and glue the ends together.

We will be back with the final tips on how to make your own lanterns for decoration to match your flying lanterns next week.


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