Can Wish lanterns fly against the wind?

Since we set up shop here at wish lantern HQ, we’ve heard numerous reports of our lanterns being mistaken for various things. Such confusions have included wish lanterns being thought to be distress flares, and, more frequently, Unidentified Flying Objects. Some members of our diligent public have taken measures, possibly somewhat hastily, to contact the emergency services, in order to help save the world from imminent alien invasion. Or something. But even though we may laugh and scoff, a new report published recently stated that lights seen in the night sky, floating along as though in regulated manner, were travelling in the opposite direction to the wind. Very strange indeed, as, we’re sure you’re aware, wish lanterns are carried along by the breeze, owing to their light and floaty structure.
So if you think you’ve spotted something amiss in the night sky, and you’re sure it’s not someone releasing some beautiful wish lanterns for a special occasion, please do let us know. We always like to dabble in the weird and wonderful, and if you’re able to take any snapshots, that would be even better. We look forward to hearing from you!

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