Wish lanterns at Stonehenge

It’s that time of year again already; the weather’s getting warmer (sort of), the days are getting longer, and the world is gearing up for Summer Solstice, the biggest celebrations for which are most notably held during a ceremony at Stonehenge in Salisbury, in the UK. Sun worshippers from all over the globe gather at the astounding rock formation, thought to be constructed by Druids hundreds of years ago, to see the sun come up and then go down again on Midsummer’s Day. This event is not only about celebrating in an age-old tradition, but also about gathering your chums together-and making new ones-and having a jolly good time. Of course, we’re sure you’re all aware of the wonderful power of our fantastic wish lanterns in making any special occasion even more so, and Midsummer’s day is no exception. If you’re heading to Stonehenge this year, or even just holding a more intimate gathering in your own back yard, wish lanterns will help make the night so much more memorable. A splash of colour or our classic white lanterns– we have something to suit everyone’s taste.
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