Wish lanterns and the Supper Club Craze

There’s a new craze going around town, and it’s this: members of the general public are inviting strangers into their homes for a fabulous dining experience; a three or four course meal, with restaurant-style service, for a fraction of the price. The supper club idea has caught on for a number of reasons: people love to see how other people live/have a good nose around their abode, and the hosts love to cook, and show off their culinary skills.
Of course, with so many of these supper club joints to choose from around London and indeed across the UK, making yours stand out for potential clients can be tricky-no more, say we. With wish lanterns, either released at the end of the meal, or maybe given out to guests as a parting gift, your diners will be utterly impressed at your originality and thoughtfulness, and almost certainly be recommending to their chums, promoting your business and helping it keep running.
Just picture the scene: your diners are full to the brim and completely content with their delicious meal. You lead them outside for a beautiful display of lanterns, as they stand and watch with a glass of wine, praising their hosts.
If you’d like to place an order for white or coloured wish lanterns, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.


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