Irish Joy with Sky Lanterns

Party goers in Australia celebrate St Paddys Day

Party goers in Australia celebrate St Paddy's Day

St Patrick’s Day is nearly here so get ready to do a jig or two and down some Guinness to help the Irish celebrate their National Holiday. As we all know, it will be hard to keep up with them, the Irish love to party and on St Patrick’s Day anything goes!

Traditionally a religious holiday to commemorate the death of Ireland’s patron Saint, St Patrick, the Irish holiday is now celebrated in many other countries around the world and is celebrated usually in the form of a parade.

On March 17, Pubs are jam packed with party-goers all wearing green and all sinking drinks in a jubilant manner, singing and dancing – celebrating the day! usually celebrates the day by nipping down to the pub after work for some Irish Dancing and to release a few of our green sky lanterns off into the sky. They look fabulous and would look even better if used in a parade like the St Patrick’s Day parades or alongside the fireworks displays.

If you are heading to a St Patrick’s Day parade, take some green sky lanterns along with you to release amongst the crowd, they will look spectacular up in the sky sailing above the parade.

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