Are you all set for Valentine’s Day?

With only a week to go, the countdown is well and truly on for Valentine’s Day. The shops have all their pretty little cards on display, the florists are getting all their fabulous floral arrangements in order and the chocolate companies are bracing for their favourite time of the year where sales sky rocket!

How about you surprise your Valentine with an original thoughtful gift this time around? No doubt your partner is always delighted to even receive a Valentine’s gift, but surely you could spice it up a little with something besides chocolate and flowers? How about a gift you can both use together and enjoy together as a couple in a romantic setting?

I’m talking about sky lanterns. Sky lanterns make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift as they are unique and romantic, as they float off into the sunset they will no dount capture your hearts and leave you breathless.

Take your Valentine and some sky lanterns to a romantic place that means something to you, it could be a park where you like to have picnics together, maybe the street where you first met, or it could simply be your back garden. Once you are there, you can unpack the lanterns and write a wish on each one, a wish for your future together or a wish for eachother. Once you’ve sorted that out the pair of you can release the lanterns at the same time, sending your wishes and the lanterns off into the sky creating a beautiful moment to share together. is your leading supplier of wish Lanterns for weddings and celebrations. We can be reached on 0845 500 1215 or by emailing the team


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