Using Sky Lanterns for Bar Mitzvahs

Are you going to or having a bar mitzvah in the near future? If so, why not celebrate in a unique and fun way with sky lanterns? If you are the one organising the event, you can order some sky lanterns for use at the reception. If you are attending the ceremony and reception as a guest, you can take along the sky lanterns¬†as a gift for the young man and encourage the other guests to launch them at the end of the reception to celebrate the young man’s ceremony.

Gifts are ordinarily given at the reception, not at the service itself and the nature of the gift varies significantly depending on the community. If you didn’t want to use sky lanterns there are many other options. Back in the day, the most common gifts were¬†expensive pen sets or a college savings bond, however today, the gifts are the same sort that you would give any child for his 13th birthday.

You don’t have to get a religious gift, and if you are unfamiliar with this topic it’s probably best to avoid this but Jewish-themed gifts are not a bad idea. For example, you might want to give a book that is a biography of a Jewish person that the celebrant might admire.

If you would like to purchase sky lanterns for an upcoming bar mitzvah you can click here to be directed to our online purchasing page, alternatively you can place your order over the phone with us on 0845 500 1215 or email


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