Chinese Lanterns popular for Christmas street celebrations

edinburgh-christmas_63741This year has seen a massive increase in sales of our Chinese Lanterns (also known as Wish Lanterns) and Santa Lanterns for use in Christmas street celebrations across the United Kingdom. People are buying the lanterns by the bucketload with the intent of using them in the festive street parades, street parties and neighbourhood celebrations for the festive season including staff Christmas parties, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

One of our clients purchased a pack of twenty five Chinese Lanterns to take to the fabulous Hogmanay Festival in Edinborough up in Scotland, she said she saw some there last year and they looked so glorious up in the cold night sky with the fireworks from the castle going off in the background. She’s going to give them to friends to use as well so they can hopefully get all twenty five lanterns up in the air at the same time to create a truly gorgeous effect for New Years Eve.

Another client has purchased fifty Santa Lanterns for their neighbourhood Christmas street party which is on in a couple of days. Apparently the entire street gets together and sings carols and eats Christmas themed food in the middle of their street in the cool afternoon air. Every house is decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas statues so the kids have an absolute ball playing outside and looking at all the lights.

The Santa Lanterns will be a real novelty for the kids as well, you can get them to write their Christmas wish list onto the Santa Lanterns and tell them when it’s released it will float to the North Pole and deliver the list to Santa himself. They will love it!

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